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Abandoned Youth by bluevendetta64 Abandoned Youth :iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 1 0 Gated Community by bluevendetta64 Gated Community :iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 2 0 Me by bluevendetta64 Me :iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 0 0 Calla Lily by bluevendetta64 Calla Lily :iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 1 0 Whovian by bluevendetta64 Whovian :iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 2 0
Infinite - Booker [SPOILERS]
The pain of the truth
Burns hotter than the flames
That left the scar.
A scar that had lost
All meaning.
As lost as a child.
A daughter.
Not his daughter.
Never his.
He stole the child.
Thats not right.
Not stolen,
It cannot be true.
Yet the memories return.
The caged bird,
Trapped in her tower.
Only to be released to
Drown in the flame,
the mountains of men.
This will be fixed.
No one deserves this.
The pain.
The torture.
To stain their hands in blood.
To go to the beginning.
To stop the birth.
It is the only way to save her.
The outcome will change.
I will end this.
All of this.
For her.
My Anna.
I will change the outcome.
I have to.
One last death.
With my death,
The doors will close.
:iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 9 7
Infinite - Elizabeth
The doors are open.
My hands are trembling.
The excitement pushes the key in the lock.
My heart skips a beat.
I’m free.
He got me out.
He got me out...
Who is he?
Can I trust him?
Or is he another warden?
No time.
The prison falls.
My prison falls!
This cannot be real.
This must be a dream.
Like a story from a book.
This is my story.
My book.
And this is where it begins.
:iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 5 0
Is it the aroma from the rum?
Is it the bite on the tongue?
Perhaps it is the way it dives into the glass?
The alcohol calls as it swills against the chaser.
Is it the taste of the blend?
Is it the poisoning of the senses?
Maybe it is the how the liquid twists the brain?
The liquor swoons as it settles within.
Is it the absence of the problems?
Is it the solace of the mind?
Possibly it is the bliss it leaves when finished?
The bottle has emptied into the body.  
It is not the pain that burns the muscles.
It is not the regret it has caused.
Certainly it is not the difficulty of awakening.
The hangover is the result of the ecstasy of the intoxication.
I am seduced by it all,
And I will continue to consume.
:iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 0 0
I find myself thinking of the world
And the hate over taking it.
I see the people's cruelty for others
And the death of the trust and the abandonment of love.
I mourn what optimism I had in my youth,
Now replaced by cynicism.
I have no hope left to give the society around me
I am exhausted, realistic, nostalgic, angry, intolerant, worried, and melancholic.
This is what I am left with,
Thanks to the bleak state of humanity.
:iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 0 0
A Petal
A petal
Floats away into the sky
Followed by another
And another
Only the stem remains
While petals escape out of view
Weak and naked
Not strong
And free
Like the Petals.
Only the stem remains
As it withers among others
:iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 0 0
I feel like tarring my flesh from my bones. A burning itch crawls under my skin. It's a darkness that wants to escape. Why must my heart weigh so heavily? Has it not been through enough?
Every glace in-word I see another standing where I once stood. A mask conceals a face; a face I fear that reveals who I truly am; a beast, a demon, a monster meant only to poison. I carry a soul that only devours. It yearns for the guilt that I have fed it and wishes for the soft touch of another; a cooling brush of love, trusting hand asking for love, a light that my darkness will consume and destroy.
The masked man, my Id as I once called him, speaks more about who I am than the face I see in the mirror. This daily facade of confidence and display of sarcasm comes from my cowardess and refusal to acknowledge the truth. I know that the mask on this figure isn't really there. I can see his twisted smile, the reaching eyes, the blacker than the abyss hair.
A cancer on society may be too strong; a worm p
:iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 0 0
A color deeper than black
A shade darker than grey
How did I get this way?
I was never bothered before.
She is not my first love
Yet she is different.
I had loved before
And the pain I felt was not having it returned.
Never was I jealous of those that loved her in my stead.
But this woman,
She has changed me.
She gave me this emotion.
So is it bad?
My feelings for her are large enough
That they encompass new emotions.
To be jealous then,
Is good?
It hurts.
It is a new pain.
A different enemy.
Something I am not use to expressing.
I am angry.
I am distrustful.
I have resentment.
I no longer can trust my feelings.
And then it passes.
The weight of the paranoia.
The concern of our relationship.
For a time, I feel blissful in her arms.
For a time, I am more alive than I could dream
For a time, I am an optimist.
And for a time, this lasts…
:iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 1 0
Exposed. by bluevendetta64 Exposed. :iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 2 0
The Pig thought himself safe,
In his house of brick.
There he fed on the young,
Hidden from all eyes.
But one eye never closed,
And up his safety went in flames.
The Rat planned revenge,
For he was once burned.
Traps were set to hide the truth,
Burried within the Earth.
Yet one trap claimed him as well,
And the past seared his flesh.
The Wolf became weary,
For the blazes that were set.
He lead his pack and they hunted,
For fear that they were next.
However the hounds met their end,
As their weapon scorched their world.
The Fox came to all,
To plead that SHE was to blame.
All the violence and aggression shown,
Was proof to hold her in bed.
Despite the hope that was shared,
The Fox had proved his case.
SHE would lie forever at his mercy,
Until his day was done.
He had bested where the others failed,
And kept her on his leash.
Therefore no matches SHE would have,
The fire would now die.
Though regardless of the Fox's word,
The Forest stood at her side.
Torches in their branches,
They toss
:iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 0 0
Light and Dark
I, just as I am, did nothing
As He fought for more.
I wasnt frightened
I knew no anger
I did not cry
And I wouldnt fight.
I laid awake and watched it all die.
He, my brother you see
Devoured it all.
He hid the beauty
He stole the love
And he trapt the living
He consumed all I made to feed his ego.
My brother is at war with all
Everything that I, his sister, has loved.
My brother thinks victory will be his.
My brother vows to win.
But my brother cannot,
My brother will not.
For life endures.
Life continues to live.
And life will defend me until
Balance is restored.
:iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 1 0
From an Artist to an Artist
My mind flows onto the page,
As the pen steers the words.
All the thoughts of my soul
Pools into my hand.
From literature to poetry,
My art is the story of the Writer.
Your eyes capture the beauty,
Of the rare moments in your life.
All you feel in your heart,
Is visible through your lens.
From models to landscapes
Your art is the image of the Photographer.
Blissful are our days,
The peace that engulfs our dreams.
Bitter are our nights,
The insanity that plagues our desires.
Unkempt beast, an artist is.
Yet without our color, there would only be gray.
The World we envision is beautiful.
Radiant in its splender,
We show all the potential of man.
The beauty we give is unique and
Through our love, our pain, our memories;
We show that all life is a gift.
Art is the expression
Of those that live now
And those that came before.
That is why we are important and Why we will always exist.
:iconbluevendetta64:bluevendetta64 2 0

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Everyone needs to play this game. It is inspiring! Hence the two pieces of free verse I wrote. I don't have much else to say other than it was extremely beautiful. I am currently on my second play through on the dreaded Mode 1999. Lets hope I can survive it :P


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